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‘Sirdar’ is the name given to the lead Sherpa on a mountain expedition. Where others view a high mountain as a great challenge or an insurmountable obstacle, the sirdar sees it as a clear path of opportunity. The sirdar builds the right team, chooses the correct route and knows when to go for the summit. At Sirdar, we apply this strategy to enable your business to reach new heights.

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Sirdar’s promise is Meaningful Economic Impact

Sirdar is passionate about developing shareholder-managers and privately-held companies and family businesses through high-performance boards. Facilitating long-term economic growth makes a meaningful impact on everyday people.

Living a good and purposeful life is a universal desire. When we assist in establishing effective boards, our impact is not only on the business we guide but also on the economy and the lives of people.

Effective boards grow companies. These companies become more sustainable with less risk and better returns. Stronger companies support a stronger economy. Stronger economies can do more for their people.

When the economy is flourishing and there is measurable, reliable growth, quality of life has the opportunity to improve on a national scale. It makes both the lives of the people, and the world, a better and meaningful place.

Through our promise we also support shareholder-managers to envision a bigger reason for being in business, or to reconnect with their original reason for starting the enterprise. We enable them to deliver on that promise and make a direct and positive impact on the community and all of the company’s stakeholders in doing so.

Leading educator, appointer and guide of high-performance boards for privately-held and family companies.

We walk with companies on their journey to success through ensuring businesses receive the benefits of having a high-performance board.

The first step in creating sustainable businesses is sharing the importance of the role of a board in a business. We drive awareness about boards and in-depth and practical education surrounding their importance and how they function.

The second step is appointing a high-performance board. Through understanding an individual’s commercial astuteness, to testing their natural energy and ensuring their governance knowledge, we make sure the right people are appointed to the team.

And the third value-adding step is guiding the board on its journey of success and growth.

To complete the picture, Sirdar Group’s unique methodology to create and sustain high-performance boards blends best practice thinking, holistic governance models, the practical application of governance principles, the provision and performance management of independent non-executive directors and a team to guide the board.

Educate. Appoint. Guide.

The Sirdar Team


Carl Bates - Sirdar Global Chief Executive

BBS Hons, GradDipBS, CA, CMInstD (NZ), MInstD (RSA)

Carl Bates is a global entrepreneur, speaker, author, mentor, director and dynamic thought leader. He is considered to be an international expert on business growth and the education and implementation of governance for SMEs and privately-held companies. Carl is an experienced chairman and independent director with great insight into the operation of companies and how they can create long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders, inspire their teams and deliver effectively for clients. As founder and chief executive of Sirdar Global Group, he is world renowned for his practical understanding of governance and is constantly invited to share his knowledge and insight on the subject. Carl also has a Bachelor of Business Studies Honours (Accountancy) and a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Finance). He is a chartered accountant and is a member of the Institute of Directors of both New Zealand and South Africa.


Raewyn Bates - Sirdar Global Finance General Manager

BBS Hons, MInstD

Raewyn Bates is a co-founder of Sirdar Global Group and has 30 years of multi-disciplinary executive management experience in both the public and private sector. She is formally trained in accounting and financial management. Her areas of expertise include business process re-engineering, strategy, business planning, financial and management accounting, change and project management, and the governance of small and medium businesses as well as non-profit organisations. Raewyn also has a Bachelor of Business Studies, majoring in Accounting and Management. She is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors, Human Resource Institute of Management and the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.


Belinda Doveston - Global Research and Development and Head of Contribution Compass

BComm Hons

Belinda Doveston has over 17 years of experience in business architecture, project management, facilitation, systems design, education and training, technical writing and information technology. She has lectured business students on corporate governance, international business and customer management. Belinda also understands the practical realities of business growth through her role as a managing director of a business she co-founded and has since successfully sold. Belinda has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with majors in Information Systems and Accounting as well as an Honours Degree in Information Systems. She has also achieved a diversity of certifications in innovation, strategy and design thinking. Belinda is the managing editor of Sirdar Press publications.


Dominique du Plessis - Implementation Specialist

MComm, MInstD

Dominique Nupen has a Masters of Commerce Degree, specialising in Business Management. She also co-founded and fulfilled the role as managing director of a successful specialty steel merchant company, which supplied specialty steel and related products and services to customers within the telecommunications, mining and engineering sectors. After eight years of trading, the operation attracted the attention of investors and she decided it was time to exit. After concluding the sale of her shares and a two-year handover, she retired from the steel industry. Dominique has since focused on applying her broad-based and extensive business acumen in supporting the growth of SMEs and privately-held companies through strategic management and governance oversight. She also supports Sirdar Global through development of the Sirdar System and subsidiary implementation support.


Tim Holmes - Senior Partner

BEng Hons (Engineering), MBA, CMInstD

Tim Holmes has over 25 years of specialist experience in the IT sector, culminating in a successful tenure for ten years as the managing director of the Collective Investments Industry’s data switch. Through this collective experience, Tim has maximised his expertise in: the relationship between business functions and systems; IT systems for leading investment management companies; business and process re-engineering; effective project management within team environments; and specialised knowledge of applications and systems, and using these to problem-solve. Tim has led the South Africa team as managing director since April 2014, and he is also active as a business mentor, independent director and speaker.


Roger Hitchcock - Senior Delivery Associate

BSocSc, BTh, DipSBM, CFP, MInstD

Roger Hitchcock has worked for over 20 years in both large corporate environments and small business environments. His speciality is in making complexity understandable and facilitating robust solutions. He is passionate about assisting companies and individuals to find their clear strategic direction and purpose and helping them to take steps in implementing this purpose in an effective way. Roger has held a number of directorships ranging from executive director in Honeylane Consulting to non-executive positions in the mining sector, retail and non-profit sectors. Roger leads Sirdar education programmes and supports Sirdar clients with his strategic and facilitation expertise. He is also an accredited Sirdar independent director.


Charline Miles - Managing Director of Sirdar Group

Dip Bus Mgt, Exec MBA

Charline Miles has over 17 years of International experience in Strategy, Operational Management and Customer engagement. The strengths that she brings to the group lie in the Strategic development of business performance and the maintenance of Customer Relationships. Her approach to customer engagement focuses on building profitable sustainable relationships and she brings with her diverse experience, where she has worked with a vast customer demographic and this makes it possible for her to adapt to most cultural operations very quickly. She is now undertaking a PhD within the Board Services and the Governance arena.


Firdows Thebus – Client Implementation Partner

Firdows Thebus has over seven years’ experience in company secretarial service delivery gained within the accounting practices field. This includes a broad range of board and governance support areas, such as statutory registrations, meeting minutes, board papers and some accounting functions. Firdows works closely with her allocated clients to ensure that all aspects of the Sirdar methodology occur on time and as per Sirdar’s high standard.


Charne Hill - Client Implementation Partner

Charne Hill has over 9 years of customer service experience working across various industry types, which include finance, manufacturing, office automation and aviation. Her role within the Sirdar Group is to support the professional Governance Services, ensuring high quality delivery and that the Sirdar Group Governance Service levels are achieved and exceeded. Charne is part of a team that guide client’s high-performance board processes and supporting the directors who sit on these boards. She has a high service mindset and is focused on customer-centricity. An individual well versed in her field, she brings to the Sirdar Group an efficient skill set with a great work ethic.


Aqeelah Hassiem – Board Secretary


Aqeelah Hassiem has over 30 years’ experience as an executive assistant and office manager. She provides remote board secretary services to Sirdar clients and compiles board meeting minutes according to Sirdar’s high quality standard. In addition, Aqeelah provides essential feedback to the secretariat team on the calibre of governance demonstrated at board meetings so that training and support can be provided where needed.


Janine Theyers – Executive Assistant

Janine Theyers has over 13 years of experience as an executive assistant and office manager, and, in one case, supported a group of senior executives across multiple countries. She provides invaluable support to Tim Holmes in his role as managing director along with general support to the team while managing the office and logistics.


Kelly Moore – Sales Support

Kelly Moore has over 10 years experience in the provision of administrative support on a national and international level. Kelly provides administrative support for the Sirdar Group team based in Cape Town. Working across the team in accounts, sales and office administration, Kelly enables the company to keep a step ahead.

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