The Contribution Compass by Sirdar is a profiling tool that enables you to understand both your area of maximum contribution to a team, company or organisation and how you can leverage the most value for yourself and your organisation. The Sirdar Group uses this tool in the selection and appointment of directors to the boards of privately-held and family companies. You can also use this profiler in the selection and appointment of executive teams, managers and team members.

Each time you embark on a more advanced level of climbing, the requirements become larger. The skill and preparation necessary to succeed increase, as do the risks. If this book was about climbing Mount Everest, it wouldn’t claim that everybody has to climb this mountain; it would provide advice for people who have chosen to tackle the mountain and wish to reach the summit. Similarly, while business and entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, there are those who have chosen to follow this path. My hope is that you will use the Laws of Extreme Business Success as a map for your own business journey, from being a craft to building an enterprise.

The Laws of Extreme Business Success by Carl Bates, Chapter 14

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