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Position Purpose

The Educate and Appoint Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the education and appointment activities of the Sirdar Group. Specifically this means reaponsibility for the Sirdar Group’s paid programmes (high-performance board workshops, Sirdar Applied Directorship Programme and bespoke workshops) and activities related to the appointment of directors, including the oversight of the Sirdar Director Database.

He/she ensures the participants in these programmes have a seamless, value-adding and meaningful experience of the relevant programme or are effectively supported through the processes of applying for, being communicated with and hopefully appointed to a board through the Sirdar Group.


  1. Coordinates all paid programmes, workshops and bespoke education delivery
  2. Supports the development and improvement of these programmes
  3. Maximises the customer experience in both education and appointment services
  4. Manages the Sirdar Director Database and leverages it as appropriate
  5. Coordinates the Sirdar Appointment activities

Specific Measures of Success

  1. Education programme participant satisfaction
    Adherence to agreed policies and processes related to delivery of services
  2. Re-engagement by education programme customers
  3. Revenue growth of appointment services
  4. Effectiveness of appointment service delivery
  5. Cost: management of business unit costs within budget

Position Overview

The role of a CIP is to be responsible for supporting the delivery of astute, high quality and professional governance services within and across regions. This includes: ensuring that the expectation of governance service as per the Sirdar standard is achieved, and wherever possible, exceeded; and demonstrating the service mind-set of customer-centricity, attention to detail, urgency, continuous improvement and excellence in the expedition secretariat. The CIP’s activities should be in line with the applicable policies, guidelines and supporting expedition guidebooks. As for all expedition team members, the CIP is expected to champion Sirdar’s promise, brand, standards and values.

Direct Reports


Functional Relationships

Managing Director
Head of Board Services
Client Implementation Partners

Sirdar Director Database
Business Development Executives
Governance Assessors
Relevant Stakeholders

Ensure service delivery meets quality requirements for long-term sustainability

Key Accountabilities

  • Actively administer allocated client projects to ensure that all required tasks are completed on time, according to standard and within budget
  • When required, transcribe and compile minutes from meeting recordings
  • Ensure services are fully delivered in accordance with standards defined and in alignment with appropriate policies and guidebooks
  • Ensure that any travel, logistics and venue arrangements are accurate, timely, cost-effective and meet Sirdar brand standards
  • Deepen the long-term relationship with clients and their loyalty to Sirdar through quality service delivery and client engagement
  • Ensure that clients and panel directors are provided with the required service-based support to enable effective governance outcomes for clients
  • Flag or escalate director performance enhancement issues with the client implementation manager timeously and with adequate supporting evidence
  • Identify improvements within the service unit and support those improvements being implemented
  • Flag and support the resolution of service and client risks
  • Proactively use the applicable systems to manage, evaluate, store and report on client data, documentation, progress, issues to be resolved and successes to be shared

Key Measurements

Effective use of applicable systems (accurate and up-to-date); quality of relationships with client and directors; efficiency and effectiveness (meeting service levels)

General business and client support

Key Performance Areas

  • Promote positive relations with clients, partners, vendors, and networks:
  • Ensure clients and stakeholders receive value as agreed and defined.
  • Support the business to ensure client retention and increase in service offering is achieved.
  • Celebrate client successes.
  • Support client issue resolution as required, as per the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Undertake all activities as per the required standards, policies and procedures:
  • Ensure the service is delivered in line with the requirements of the Sirdar System, brand, methodology and Sirdar Global franchise agreement and contribute to the development thereof when required.
  • Adhere to the delegation of authority as per company policy.
  • Ensure all reports are submitted on time.
  • Ensure all IT tools provided by the company are utilised effectively and as required by company policy and procedure.
  • Ensure effectiveness in day-to-day operations, in an organised and coordinated fashion at all times. Ensure that all company standards are met.
  • Wider involvement in Sirdar:
  • Work collaboratively as part of Sirdar. This requires the incumbent to be decisive and thought provoking, while also accepting collective responsibility for decisions taken.
  • Support and promote the values and goals for Sirdar (as per the Sirdar Values Compass) including good employer principles and practices and high standards of integrity, ethics and behaviour in all operations of the business.
  • Timely completion of all reporting requirements and responses to any team member as required.
  • Other duties as assigned by the company.

Key Measurements
Unqualified franchise audit result; policy adherence; Sirdar values rating

Person Specification and Selection Criteria

Essential Knowledge / Experience:

  • Resource scheduling, administration and time-sensitive delivery of service
  • Formatting, reviewing, editing and production of high-quality board papers; documents and deliverables
  • Completed successfully at least four years in a business administration position
  • Previous company secretarial administration experience
  • Board meeting minute recording and transcribing experience

Key Skills / Attributes / Position Specific Competencies:

  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills
  • Attention to detail and thoroughness
  • Keen sense of timing, urgency and deadlines
  • Strong customer service ethic that seeks to deliver success to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Alignment with Sirdar’s values and culture
  • Have a high level of emotional intelligence, comprising: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and empathy
  • Professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Expert-level proficiency in the use of: Internet, personal computer systems, Microsoft Suite
  • Touch typing ability with at least 60 words per minute
  • Capacity and willingness to develop knowledge and awareness in the areas of governance and SME development


Grade 12 and practical experience in company secretarial practice, business administration or business management and administration

Job Purpose

The Financial Controller role is responsible for effective finance operations and oversight of the Sirdar Group (NZ and SA), Bates Family Group (NZ) and associated companies. This includes the completion of all daily, weekly, monthly and annual financial activities, reporting and review.

Key Accountabilities are:

  • To ensure the businesses and their management teams have access to the financial information required to make business decisions and achieve business outcomes.
  • To keeps the team updated on performance results, ensures accuracy of financial information and ensures continuous improvement in financial management and reporting.


  • Ensure all daily, weekly, monthly and annual financial activities are completed as per business, operational and guidebook requirements,
  • Ensure rhythm of financial reporting is provided to all companies through delivering on timeframe.
  • Ensure a clean audit is achieved for all relevant companies
  • Seeks ways for the business results to improved based on the financial information

Specific Measures of Success

  • Financial reporting: All daily, weekly, monthly and annual milestones met
  • Debtors: All invoices sent as required and debtors chased as required
  • Creditors: Accounts accurate, load timely and paid on-time
  • Improved financial results: Financial oversight results in improved financial outcomes (expense management, exchange rates, reviewing financials)
  • Cash control: management of cash flow of companies accurate, with instructions to pay timely and red-flags raised well in advance
  • Timeframes are achieved


Sirdar’s vision is to grow businesses and empower communities through enterprise. We achieve this by being the leaders in the education and implementation of governance and the rules of extreme business success. Sirdar’s role is to challenge businesses to appropriately plan their expedition, build the team they will require, plan their route and ultimately to ensure they get to their summit. Our team offer a variety of management disciplines and expertise that enables this support to be delivered to the client.

The role of the Finance Controller is to lead the financial management of the Sirdar Group and Bates Group and associated companies. . This includes ensuring accurate financial processing, and provision of financial and KPI reporting, as well as management accounting activities, forward analysis, cash flow forecasting and budget drafting.

Delegated Authorities

Direct Reports:
As per delegation policy for each organisation

Functional Relationships

It is expected that all employees/contractors are co-operative and helpful toward everyone they come into contact with in the course of their duties. The following list describes the stakeholder, individuals and groups with whom this role is required to liaise, advise or influence on a regular basis.

Key Relationships

Group chief executive and directors
General Manager of business units
Team members
Sirdar Global team

Governance panel members

Key Accountabilities

  • To ensure effective financial administration, management and reporting of the SSAG and SSA
  • Effectively engage with the board of directors (and its finance committee) on the financial reporting, SSAG and SSA
  • Support the smooth and effective operation and management of the Sirdar business in South Africa
  • Participate as an effective member of the wider management team

The Financial Manager has particular responsibilities and key accountabilities that are a feature of this role. These include

1. Responsible for the provision of effective financial administration and management of Sirdar Group (SA &NZ) and the Bates Group accounts This includes, although is not limited to the following activities;

  • Ensuring the accurate processing of all financial transactions    (including both accounts receivable and accounts payable, and any other financial transactions).
  • Managing debtor collection and creditor payments, to ensure timely collection of accounts receivable and payments of accounts payable.
  • Authorise all payments prior to them being made?
  • Lead cash flow forecasting, ensuring regular updating and accurate management of the cash flow forecast, raising issues with the business unit manager, in a timely manner and reducing payment cycles to twice a week. ?
  • Monthly returns relating to PAYE and UIF
  • Accurate completion and filing of bi-monthly VAT returns
  • Accurate completion and filing of yearly income tax returns.

2. Responsible for the provision of accurate financial reporting for all organisations and the provision of formal annual financial statements and management of the audit process. This includes, although is not limited to the following activities;

  • Prepare monthly management financials (Complete monthly financial reporting requirements (as per the required framework, developing this where necessary), including bank reconciliations and appropriate journal entries.
  • Undertake monthly financial forecasting (both cash flow and profit and loss) in order to support the effective management of the business
  • Provide a weekly financial update to the (business unit manager(s))?, including cash flow forecasting and issues that require addressing.
  • Participate in the management/executive financial committee meeting focused on the financial results of the company, and the appropriate board finance committee.
  • Complete monthly financial reporting requirements, including the board report for the group chief executive’s review and confirmation within five days of the end of the month.
  • Complete annual accounts within 60 days of the end of the financial year for provision to the auditor to complete annual audit requirements.
  • Manage the annual audit process in the required time frames and ensure financial information and records are able to receive a clean audit.

3. Effectively engage with the board of directors (and its finance committee) on the financial reporting, position and planning for the group. This includes, although is not limited to the following activities;

  • Present the financial report to the board for SSAG
  • Provide information required by the board in its decision making
  • Advise on issues such as project or capital analysis (investment decision making), as well as the capital structuring of the group
  • Support analysis of future planning for the group

4. Responsible for supporting the smooth and effective operation and management of the Sirdar business in South Africa

  • Manage enterprise administration, IT and other such activities required to support the Sirdar South Africa businesses’ effective operation.
  • Support all members of the management team with writing and presenting capital budget requests, or the financial analysis of a relevant proposal. ?
  • Utilise spare capacity to support the growth and development of the business through effective forward planning for enterprise growth (and capacity) requirements. ?
  • Negotiate supplier terms and contracts to support cost management within the company.
  • Provide analysis and advice from a management accounting perspective to support price setting and other such decision-making within the company.

5. Wider involvement in Sirdar:

  • Participate as an effective and active member of the management team, in order to enable the business to achieve its strategy and business plan
  • Work collaboratively as part of Sirdar. This requires the incumbent to be decisive and thought provoking, while also accepting collective responsibility for decisions taken.
  • Promote the values and goals for Sirdar including good employer principles and practices and high standards of integrity, ethics and behaviour in all operations of the business.
  • Timely completion of all reporting requirements and responses to the Managing Director, internal and external clients and board actions as required.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Decision Making Capability

Decision making capability initially limited and will expand with growth of role.

Person Specification And Selection Criteria

Essential Knowledge / Experience:

  • Effective relationship management skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver the required results
  • Proficiency in use of personal computers
  • Effective understanding of Xero

Key skills / Attributes / Job Specific Competencies:

  • Strong time management skills
  • This is a role for a Lord (or Trader or Accumulator) (dependent on team balance)
  • Understanding of small business growth


Degree / Diploma in Financial Accounting, CA or similar

Contribution Compass Profile:

Sustaining or Tempering energy (custodian, cultivator or conductor)

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