Are you running your business or is it running you?

Business owners, CEOs and high-level management often feel like they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Escalating salaries, rent, utilities, stock…The expenses roll around each month and sales and income are on their own schedules. Instead of focusing on the never-ending treadmill of chasing the next big deal, it’s time to strategise. And Sirdar has the tools to help you take charge of your business.

How to regain control of your runaway business

Successful entrepreneurs know that creating an optimised business, and continually inspiring their
team to new heights, is what separates those businesses that flounder and those businesses that
just seem to run themselves!

Sirdar has helped 100’s of businesses like yours to achieve extreme business success – we would
love to share with you what we have shared with them.

The Sirdar Management Compass is a structured approach to implementing effective business
systems and processes – many, many businesses have benefited by applying this practical ‘toolkit’.

To discover how applying this to your business can give you back control of your business attend the Sirdar Business breakfast in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Register now!

Don’t hesitate to invest in your future by attending the Sirdar Business breakfast. Enable yourself to
build an enterprise that defines its market and leads its industry.


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