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G’Day Australia

We are thrilled to reach yet another milestone in Sirdar’s journey – as of March 2023, our team footprint extends to Australia as well!

Roger Coetzer joins the Sirdar team as Managing Director of Sirdar Australia from where he is based in Perth.

With extensive experience in running a family business as well as in successfully leading teams in the corporate world, Roger is more than ready to take on what he refers to as this next logical step in his career.

He has always had a passion for coaching and leading teams to grow and be successful, and after having met Sirdar Founding Partner Carl Bates in 2022, knew that he was onto something great. He was impressed by how we coach and lead boards to be successful in what can be a very complex world of governance through our solid foundation and market-leading methodology. Recognising how Sirdar’s services could benefit businesses and boards in Australia supported by an on-the-ground presence there, he decided to join the team.

Roger has great understanding of the challenges associated with governance and risk management and has led and coached teams in his previous role in financial services to meet such expectations from the points of view of the regulator and customers.

He is excited about the opportunity that this new role brings, sharing, “I look forward to partnering with businesses across various industries to help them traverse the challenges and opportunities that present themselves along the route to extreme business success. Boards and directors relying on Sirdar’s robust methodology will experience a significant change for the better – whether through board advisory services, director training, appointment of new board members or all three.”

Sirdar Managing Partner Kieron McRae is delighted about extending the business’s footprint down under saying, “Roger is the ideal person to take Sirdar into Australia. His governance knowledge, business experience and focus on customer service will see anyone dealing with him find great merit in the partnership – for their board and their business.”