Business Tip of the Month: Perfecting the system

Once you have transformed the previous seven Sirdar Management Compass segments into sustainable success factors in your organisation, you would naturally want to maintain tight control over the process to ensure progress. This is where the eighth segment of the Compass, Perfecting the System, comes into play. Sirdar’s BaseCamp programme is designed to develop and support all areas of the Sirdar Management Compass, including Perfecting the System. We aim to help you maintain tight control over your success by documenting what exactly your success entails. In this process, we help you to capture your organisation’s blueprint in the form of flowcharts, procedures and policies, as well as using technology and systems to support and drive the process. This involves capturing style, method, approach and methodology in a step-by-step manner, which enables you to replicate the success factor. This could mean repeating what you are doing well in another geographic location or even in different divisions within an organisation, be they existing or newly established.

Franchises are good illustrations of this segment. For example, a McDonald’s hamburger from any outlet in South Africa will taste the same as it is prepared in the same manner. The process of how the hamburger is prepared, cooked and presented is meticulously detailed and prescribed.

Here are some tips for perfecting the system:

  1. Take one process in your organisation and draw a flow chart which visually shows the various stages that can occur.
  2. Thereafter, convert the flow chart process into written words; be specific about various stages in the process.
  3. Determine if any technology can assist and support you in the delivery of your products. Assess where you use technology to perform manual algorithmic tasks and deploy your employees for the application and implementation side of your product or service.
  4. Lastly, ensure the written document matches the actual delivery of the process.

Once you have mastered one process, you can move onto the next. With time and on-going re-evaluation, you begin to improve the system until it literally becomes perfect. Thereafter the process is more focused and successful, and it is easier to mirror the process and leverage the systems application.

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