Demystifying the challenges and risks ‘business owners’ face!

As a ‘business owner’ you face a barrage of issues every single day – issues relating to the growth and strategy of your business and issues relating to the day-to-day running of the business and issues related to the people you have employed. Too often these issues become overwhelming and seem like an insurmountable mountain that you need to face every day.

These issues also hide a range of other challenges in business, including;

  • Identifying the real risks and liability in your business – what would happen if things went wrong?
  • How to build a sustainable business that does not just absorb even more of your time, attention and energy?
  • How to realise the value for all the time, money and energy (your heart and soul) that you have poured into your business over the years?
  • And many more.

The Sirdar ‘Business Owners’ Breakfast is an opportunity to clarify what being a business owner actually means and to look at your business in a whole new way. We will introduce you to some vital ways of thinking that set those who succeed in business apart from those who do not! You will walk away with some practical ways to address the challenges you face. You will also have an opportunity to network with other business owners and like-minded people – facing some of the challenges you face.

Special Online ‘Business Owners’ Breakfast offer – 2 for the price of 1 – book online and invite a guest for free!

Why Sirdar?
The Sirdar team has worked with hundreds of shareholders, directors and managers over the years and helped them to build and grow their businesses. We would welcome the opportunity to share this experience with you and help  you build and grow a robust, sustainable business.

Sirdar is passionate about developing shareholder, managers and growing private companies. We do this because we believe that the creation of sustainable enterprise is the only way to move a community, or indeed a country, up the ladder of prosperity.

Introducing Roger Hitchcock (Sirdar Education Business Unit Manager)

Roger Hitchcock has worked for almost 30 years in both large corporate environments and small business environments, including family businesses. Roger has held a number of directorships both executive director and non-executive positions in the mining sector, retail and non-profit sectors. Roger also leads Sirdar education programmes and supports Sirdar clients with his strategic and facilitation expertise.

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