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Applied Directorship Programme

Empowering You to Grow Business in East Africa’s Thriving Economy

The World Bank named East Africa as one of the globe’s fastest-growing economic powerhouses in 2022, with the region boasting an impressive growth rate of 4.2%. This dynamic surge translates into massive scope for businesses and individuals. 

This also provides the ideal timing to position yourself for great things, and to position your business to flourish for generations to come.

Why choose the Sirdar Applied Directorship Programme?

Taking yourself and your business to the next level requires a thorough understanding of governance fundamentals, compliance and best practices, which is exactly what the Sirdar Applied Directorship Programme provides. By immersing participants in hands-on experience to boost proficiency in all of this and more, you’ll gain invaluable practical insights directly applicable to real-world scenarios, boosted through simulated board meetings.

Our 11-month programme is crafted to give you the essential tools and insights needed to understand the inner workings of an effective board or family council. Whether you are currently in a management role, hold a position on a board, or are part of the next generation gearing up to lead the family legacy, our programme is tailored to elevate your capabilities.

In a region of limitless potential, the Sirdar Applied Directorship Programme serves as your gateway to harnessing the immense economic opportunities that East Africa offers. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to steer yourself and your business towards enduring prosperity.

About the Sirdar Methodology: Our Compasses

Board of Directors

Sirdar Governance Compass

This compass forms the foundation of our work in guiding businesses of all sizes to the summit of business success. Bearing purpose in mind by creating an effective strategy and setting the direction is just the beginning. Being truly high-performing requires focus on all eight dimensions of the compass. 

Executive Members

Sirdar Management Compass

This compass highlights what each dimension of the Sirdar Governance Compass requires from a functional point of view in support of goal achievement. We help you to place sufficient focus on each dimension and by regularly gauging performance, you are able to achieve your objectives as a high-performing board.

Teams and Individuals

Contribution Compass

This powerful profiling methodology aims to have every member of your team in their zone of flow. Understanding everybody’s profiles indicates what skills, knowledge and experience is potentially lacking around the boardroom table thereby determining the ideal profile of a new director, and unlocks true potential.

The Outcomes of your Journey

  • Become a high-performing board member: Understand what an effective and integrated high-performance board and governance methodology requires.
  • Know your duties and obligations: Reinforce and augment your knowledge and understanding of directors’ duties and statutory obligations.
  • Have the tools, documents and papers to support you: Gain working knowledge of the essential tools required for effective board meetings including governance documents, board papers and board calendar.
  • Know how can you create value: Gain practical expertise in applying the methodology with relevance to create value.
  • Apply all the learnings personally: Recognise personal directorship strengths and opportunities to develop further through the Contribution Compass profiler.

Who should attend the Applied Directorship Programme

  • CEOs, entrepreneurs and business founders who run a business and are looking to implement a value-adding board
  • Members of family businesses, whether on boards or in management, who are looking to formalise the family business and better govern both the family and the business
  • Next-generation directors who are taking over the family business and want to be recognised as a director who has the skills and the knowledge to fulfil this role
  • Experienced directors who want to further develop skills as a non-executive director
  • Aspiring directors looking for a first appointment as a non-executive director
  • Up-and-coming directors who have an opportunity to become a director and want to make the most value-adding contribution in the boardroom

You will find that the Programme…

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Demystifies jargon
  1. Work alongside other experienced directors
  2. Participate in simulated boardroom meetings where you can put your skills to the test
  1. Provides hands-on experience
  1. Enhance your leadership skills
  2. Improve your strategic thinking
  3. Learn about risk governance and management
  4. Improve on financial monitoring
  5. Better understand corporate governance
  1. Receive a one-on-one consultation to help you apply what  you have learned to your specific situation

Programme Structure


Your Guide during the Programme:

Roger Hitchcock

Roger is a seasoned speaker and knowledgeable thought leader who regularly facilitates webinars and learning opportunities. Roger has worked together with the Sirdar team since 2014 and joined the business full-time in early 2019 bringing with him 15 years of experience in training directors across Africa and more than 30 years of business experience including family business, corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial endeavours.

He has also been involved in providing ongoing team and strategic business training and facilitation, and running multi-day experiential learning events. His speciality is in making complexity understandable and facilitating resilient and agile solutions to some of the biggest challenges that organisations face.

He is passionate about assisting companies and individuals to find their clear strategic direction and purpose, and helping them to take steps to implement this purpose effectively.



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Receive these free bonuses…

Bonus #1: Receive a copy of ‘Traversing the Avalanche’ by Carl Bates.

Bonus #2: Gain insight into the natural energy (area of maximum contribution) that you bring to a board through the Contribution Compass profiling tool.

Bonus #3: Receive a LinkedIn certification for your profile.

Bonus #4: Receive a Certificate of Completion after the successful completion of the Applied Directorship Programme.


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About Our Applied Directorship Programme Alumni

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“My initial thoughts when I joined were it would be the usual technical jargon to heavy reading up on the business of Directorship, and I was pleasantly surprised. From the format to the content of the coursework. Well, thought-through presentations, [ease] of concepts practical yet incisive, thought-provoking and with substance. The resources are knowledgeable, interactive… helpful and friendly. I would suggest this program to everyone, not just directors, because it opens the manner in which we think of our work ethic.”
Mahesh Rughani
Former Managing Director of Citadel Cellular Communications and Kartasi Industries, Kenya

Download Brochure

Download the brochure to find out more about the Applied Directorship Programme.


Attend Free Webinar

Attend our free discovery webinar to find out more about the Applied Directorship Programme.