Equipping Directors to Direct High Performance Boards

One of the most challenging and changing roles in business today is that of a director!

  • A director is like the captain of a ship – navigating the way through uncertain oceans that constantly change
  • A director is like a conductor – orchestrating the creation of value using many different instruments – yet not playing one of them
  • A director is like a trustee – taking care of the assets of another party and acting in their interests and not one’s own
  • A director is like being a governor – setting the rules and regulations for a specific area or region
  • A director is like a military general – strategizing the right operations and movements to ensure a successful campaign

Directors have to find the right balance in a company between:

  • The direction of the company – it’s strategy
  • The structure of the company – created primarily using policies, processes and procedures, and
  • The risks the company faces as it goes about its business.

In today’s world of business a good theoretical understanding of what it means to be a director, the roles and responsibilities and legal duties, is simply not enough! Rather, this directorship knowledge needs to be converted into practical directorship activities and behaviour.

Directing is ‘the work of the head’, the work of deciding what needs to be done and then mandating those within the organisation to perform ‘the work of the hands’. Directorship is as much, if not more, about the behaviour of directors, how they go about doing what they do, as it is about the specific decisions and actions they take.

To equip directors, not only with a solid theoretical understanding of their role in business, but more importantly with the skills and tools to practically implement this in business to create sustainable value Sirdar South Africa has launched the High Performance Board programme designed to develop competent, high-performance boards. We’re running these events for the following dates and locations:

3 April 2019 – Cape Town | R 5 950 Full investment
17 May 2019 – Johannesburg | R 5 950 Full investment
22 May 2019 – Kenya | $595 USD Full investment

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