Guide Great Boards: Minutes – A Critical Tool

One of the most misunderstood and neglected aspects of a high-performance board is the board minutes. We tend to think of board minutes as a piece of admin yet it is so much more than that.

Often, no one wants the organisation to know what’s going on in the board meeting, causing one of the directors to take down the minutes and document everything said. This means that the director is not fully present in the meeting as he focuses on the task.

Chat to us about outsourcing your board minutes to our service that allows you to send us a recording and 48 hours later, you will receive your board minutes. This is really powerful in not only driving performance of the board, but also, alleviating a major pain around the boardroom table, protecting you as a director.

Get in touch and find out how your next meeting can go to the next level because you have great board minutes.

Contact us here: www.sirdargroup.com/contact-us/

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