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Sirdar South Africa is the leader in the education and implementation of high performing boards for privately-held companies and family businesses. We are excited to be be connected to you and able to share our insights with you on your journey to extreme business success.

You are receiving Sirdar emails because I, Tim Holmes (Managing Director, Sirdar South Africa) or one of our South African team have met you over the last twelve months. We felt it was time to give you the opportunity to start being a part of our communication activities.

About once a week we send out an insight into governance, a blog article, video or link that assists our stakeholders in improving their own practical knowledge of how to create a high performing board and improve their board process. Once a month we summarise these into our newsletter and we also share invitations to various workshops we hold to support the development of high performing boards.

If you would like to ‘opt in’ to receiving these powerful insights from our skilled and experienced chairman, directors and governance support team, Click me!

We look forward to sharing these practical tools with you so that you can develop your board so that it is a high-performing, value adding, component of your business journey.

Yours in extreme business success,

Tim Holmes

Managing Director

Sirdar South Africa

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