Mid-year Review – 5 questions to ask


So the middle of the year is all too suddenly upon us!

This is a good time to do a quick business ‘health-check’ to identify the ‘vital signs in the business’ – much like all of us need to be aware of our personal health, so too it is essential to monitor the health of our businesses.

Some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Did we achieve what we wanted to in the first half of the year? (score yourself as a percentage)
  2. Did we have to make any changes to our intended strategy for the year – if so why?
  3. How robust is your strategy for the balance of the year – is everyone on your team clear of what the main objectives are for the next 6-months?
  4. Were there any critical operational issues that created challenges in the first half of the year – if so describe these along with the root cause?
  5. Did we encounter any challenges with our people? If so were these issues of capability (the ability to do the job), capacity (having enough of the right people or execution (knowing what to do but simply not doing it)?

Take 30 minutes and examine the business progress in the light of these questions. By pausing to look back you will get a much better perspective on the way ahead.


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