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Mobilising Your Organisational Culture

When on an expedition to the summit of a great mountain, the last sound you want to hear is the ‘whumph’ under your feet – the tell-tale sign that an avalanche is about to descend. In that moment you realise that the sudden and devastating shift in snow may just destroy you.

In business, an avalanche could be a sudden or unexpected business catastrophe that threatens to destroy everything you have created. Or it could be the potential for disaster that you face when trying to reach the next level of success; a step up that perhaps requires more than you can currently give.

While SMEs and privately-held companies are particularly vulnerable to risks that can result in business disaster, they also have huge potential and opportunities that, if correctly governed, could lead to rapid growth and sustained profitability. The lifeline required to achieve this success? Effective enterprise governance and an organisational culture that practically supports the unique requirements of the SME and privately-held company environment.

Traversing the Avalanche takes you on a journey to understand what it means to practically and effectively use the foundations of governance to move through and over the risk of business failure, while maximising the opportunities for increased profitability, improved shareholder value and fundamental and sustainable business growth. Through this book you will develop a deeper understanding of what enterprise governance entails, how to maximise its benefits and who you should take with you on the journey.

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