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At Sirdar, we have an efficient search and select process to support your boards needs that takes the complication out of matching high-caliber candidates with your board opportunities.  We define, promote and sustain high-performing directors through our Director Network of 1600+ directors across the African continent who are seeking board positions.

We are board-appointment specialists who make finding the ideal person to take your board and business forward a simple yet effective exercise.

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Vacancy specifics

Sirdar Director Network advert

Ideal candidate’s “natural energy”

Ideal candidate’s profile

Search and Selection

Candidate shortlist


Advertisment is sent to the Sirdar Director

Network of 1600+ members

Vacancy is advertised on the Sirdar website

for a 4-week period

You will receive all applications for your 

vacancy directly


R10 000 or $750 excl. VAT

Advertisment is sent to the Sirdar Director 

Network of 1600+ members

Vacancy is advertised on the Sirdar website and social media for a 4-week period

Assistance is provided to refine your vacancy specification from our Appoint Specialist

Targeted selection of candidates that meet the required specifications and background

Receive the Contribution Identifier tool *

Receive one Contribution Compass Individual Report for the appointed candidate


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A unique methodical, proven board appointment process based on your needs and requirements

Complete appointment search and select process

A Board Appointment Diagnostic with deeper insights into the current vacancy requirements as well as the boards overall performance

Key due dilligence report containing key recommendations 

*The Contribution Identifier is an online assessement tool that helps you to discover who your board needs for a role. It mitigates the risk that we place too much emphasis on skills and do not reflect deeply enough on the contribution the role should make.

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