Sirdar High-Performance Board Workshops

Understand what a high-performance board is and how to go about creating and sustaining one is the first step on the journey for director training. Sirdar’s High-Performance Board Workshops are an invaluable way of commencing this journey by understanding the way you can fulfil your director duties and add value to the enteprise

Key Value Drivers

 Practical insight and understanding of a high-performance board.
 Understand why a board can add significant value to your company.
 Learn the role of a director and how to select them.

Sirdar Bespoke In-House Workshops

Tailored workshops for your board and management team to understand high-performance boards, or a specific aspect of them. From introduction to advanced levels of training and development and always practical and focused on specific learning outcomes.

Key Value Drivers

 Bespoke, private delivery and focused on your company.
 Content able to be tailored to your specific learning objectives.
 Practical and insightful – based on actual board experience.

Applied Directorship Programme

The Sirdar Applied Directorship Programme is a specialised 11-month programme for shareholder-managers, non-executive directors and aspiring directors who want to become a high-performance director. If your goal is to be recognised as someone who adds value in the boardroom as you equip yourself with the necessary tools, experience and understanding so that you can empower yourself to take the business you are involved in to the next level.

Key performance drivers
 Advance your understanding of an effective and integrated high-performance board and governance methodology
 Develop personal directorship strengths and opportunities
 Experience a high-performance boardroom engagement through the simulation experience throughout the programme

Practical Expertise
Practical Expertise
Practical Expertise
Sirdar’s education programmes are delivered with the support of a diverse range of ‘terrain experts’ or specialists who are inspired to share what they know or have learnt. Practical tools, insights and approaches are a key feature of all Sirdar’s education events and programmes.
Quality Resources
Quality Resources
Quality Resources
Sirdar’s education programmes are driven by high quality and engaging learning materials, resources and business growth methodologies that are designed to ensure that learning experiences are personal, powerful and result in value-creating action.
Accelerated Growth
Accelerated Growth
Accelerated Growth
Sirdar’s education programmes challenge and guide attendees into new levels of thinking and applying that understanding into creating value in their enterprises and as leaders. Practical approaches translate learning into tangible performance improvements.
  • The Sirdar Elite Climbers Club opened my eyes to another dimension of business in term of governance and the importance of accountability when running your business day to day. My only frustration is that I cannot implement the changes fast enough.

    Leslie October Leo Hydraulics (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • The Sirdar Business Summit delivers very practical information in a clear and structured way. It certainly gives a perspective shift on one’s day-to-day business activities and challenges one to create an enterprise that rises to new levels and achieves sustainability, greatness and change in people’s lives – a fair challenge indeed!

    Andre Holland Shutterway Stylish Security (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa
  • The Sirdar Elite Climbers Club was an eye opener for me and it made me do all the things I should have done from the start. Today my business is successful and the guidance I received was really valuable in taking the business from where it was to where it is today.

    Corné Simpson Nostrata Accounting Services CC, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • This is undoubtedly one of the most relevant and powerful events I have ever attended as an entrepreneur. I am privileged to have worked with some of the leading trainers and entrepreneurial development organisations in the world and the Sirdar Business Summit is in the top 5% of most beneficial, relevant, powerful and practical events I have ever attended.

    Brian Walsh The REAL Entrepreneur Institute, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sirdar’s approach to board education and director development

Our training of high-performance boards and director development is practical and application focused. The High-Performance Boards workshop is the first step on the journey of understanding what it means to have a board of directors that drives performance for a company. It is also the first step for individuals looking to develop their understanding of what it means to be a director of a privately-held or family business.

The Advanced Directors Programme is Sirdar’s approach to developing the fundamental skills of directors in a practical and applicable way. In order to be able to provide the support to high-performance boards around the world, we must invest in our ability to be highly effective and value adding directors.

To attend the workshop or join the next applied directorship programme, get in touch with us below.

It takes emotional intelligence and a high degree of honest reflection to accept that there is always something more to learn, and then commit to that learning with humility.

Traversing the Avalanche by Carl Bates, Chapter 14

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