Applied Directorship Programme

The Applied Directorship Programme is a practical, hands-on 11-month learning experience designed to enable you to successfully climb the mountain of being a director. Central to the process are the principles of gamification, simulated boardroom discussions and practical feedback. Being a director is not about theoretical knowledge, it is about understanding your role and effectively applying it. That is what this process is designed to support you to do.

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You should attend if:

  • You run a business and are looking to implement a value-adding board
  • You are taking over the family business and are looking to be recognised as a director who has the skills and the knowledge to fulfil this role
  • You are looking for your first appointment as a non-executive director
  • You have an opportunity to become a director and you want to make the most value-adding contribution in the boardroom
  • You are currently a director and would like to develop your skills further


Join the Applied Directorship Programme and challenge your thinking, improve your prospects and begin your journey as a high-performance director.

Programme Outcomes

  • Reinforce and augment knowledge and understanding of directors’ duties and statutory obligations
  • Develop an understanding of an effective and integrated high-performance board and governance methodology
  • Be able to say you have experienced a high-performance boardroom engagement through the simulation experience throughout the programme
  • Ensure a working knowledge of the essential tools required for effective board meetings, such as governing documents, agendas, meeting minutes, board papers, board calendar and meeting protocol
  • Demonstrate practical expertise in applying the methodology with relevance and to create value in the company being governed
  • Identify areas of personal directorship strengths and opportunities to develop further
  • Receive a certificate of attendance
  • Receive an internationally recognised certificate of competence when meeting the competency requirement levels

For more information regarding the investment of the Applied Directorship Programme, please email adp@sirdargroup.com

Learning takes place over a 11-month period in a practical setting with real-world examples. We offer our Applied directorship Programme in three locations, as well as online. We are only able to accommodate 20 people in each.

This programme is exclusively for shareholder-managers, non-executive directors and aspiring directors who want to become a high-performance director. Your goal is to be recognised as someone who adds value in the boardroom as you equip yourself with the necessary tools, experience and understanding so that you can empower yourself and help to take the business you are involved in to the next level.

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