Board effectiveness in today’s dynamic business landscape is under the microscope.  High-performing boards view assessments as a crucial tool for maximising their effectiveness. Board assessments help identify performance issues and will provide effective approaches to addressing the issues.  Having the right combination of directors who work as a team that is aligned to the company’s strategic goal is a key asset.

Through the use of assessments, boards will better evaluate and understand the functioning of the full board and confirm if the individual directors’ abilities are aligned with the business priorities.

Whatever stage your business is in, Sirdar has an assessment ready to elevate your business or board to the next level.

Board Evaluation

How well are your current directors performing?

Board evaluations ensure that governance is monitored and that action can be taken to remedy challenges where necessary. Implementing changes based on insight gained through quantitative and qualitative inputs, supports building high-performing boards and high-performing organisations in turn. Ultimately, doing so will lead to confidence in the quality of the board process, enhanced performance through accountability, unlocking hidden potential for growth, increased sustainable profitability and maximised shareholder value.

Board Readiness Assessment

Providing confidence you are on the right path!

The Sirdar Board Readiness Assessment enables you to determine whether your business is ready for a board of directors. It professionally determines whether your business is at the stage where a board should be implemented and defines the profile of directors who will be able to ensure steady growth.

Established Board Assessment

Do you ever feel that your board is ineffective, or not adding the value that it should?

The Sirdar Established Board Assessment is designed to ask the tough questions and compare your governance and strategic processes and methodology against best practice and present you with a comprehensive report detailing what your ideal board composition should look like and a 12-18 month road-map for implementing the critical changes needed to transform your board into a high-performance one.

Board Appointment Assessment

Have you got the right natural energy sitting around your boardroom table?

The Sirdar Appointment Assessment assists with understanding the current boards dynamics as well as the personal interactions between the board and culture of the company.  As part of our process the Sirdar Group considers the personality profile of each director, as well as the short-listed candidates and consider how a potential appointment may improve or detract from the overall composition of the board.

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Directors, both executive and non-executive, are required to apply their minds to the business at hand and determine what is most appropriate in terms of the pace and priority of the corporate governance components to be implemented. As we do at Sirdar, it is important to begin with a detailed assessment that defines the gap between where the business is now compared to the defined ‘gold standard’ to be strived for or, in other words, the ultimate governance foundation. In so doing, you can plan for and prioritise what is most important and in what sequence it should be brought into the company. It does not all have to happen now. Like climbing any mountain, it is a journey you take step by step.


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