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We know that there is a direct correlation between board performance and business success. According to our most recent survey, boards conducting formal board evaluations annually report higher board performance than those not conducting them and also report an increase in EBITDA.

When last have you evaluated your board’s performance?

Our Board Evaluation is a bespoke solution aimed at identifying and addressing specific needs relevant to your board and your business. Our methodology leverages qualitative and quantitative data to ultimately provide a practical and actionable roadmap for achieving the goals of the board and business.

What to Expect

By effectively implementing the suggested recommendations and actions from a board evaluation, your board can furthermore:

Create sustainability and scalability

Earn investor trust

More clearly address stakeholder interest

Improve accountability, governance and oversight

Minimise conflict

Increase competitive advantage

Our board evaluations deliver the following outcomes:

  • Evaluate current performance and effectiveness of the board (and committees where applicable) compared to agreed-upon objectives, requirements and business strategy.
  • Provide greater clarity on roles and responsibilities.
  • Determine conformance with and rigour of governance processes and practices.
  • Identify the recurring areas and aspects of board performance most commonly mentioned that require action.
  • Gain insight into actual robustness of controls and risk management.
  • Understand the balance of your board composition and how this impacts board dynamics.
  • Receive a set of recommendations and actions for the board to implement given its current situation.

Your Sirdar Guided Journey

The journey provides a basis for discussion, and in turn agreement, on appropriate actions – including suggested training and methodologies – to ensure that results and governance effectiveness are achieved.

Clients who rely on our Board Evaluations

“This is the third board evaluation we have completed using Sirdar and find their methodology to be a great reference point for reflecting on all aspects of our board’s responsibilities.”

Sunil Mohinani, Co-Chief Executive and Executive Director of Mohinani Group




As board diagnostic experts, we navigate your unique journey of improved boardroom performance through practical advisory, governance and company secretarial services.


We deliver practical, relevant director training programmes that are focused on building director and board level skills through experience.


Through our board appointment expertise, we identify and appoint board members by balancing unique boardroom dynamics, values, expertise and natural energy.


At Sirdar, we are thought leaders who provide relevant information and the best board management tools to support boards on their journey to becoming high-performing.