Anthony SwartManaging Partner

    Managing Partner


    Anthony has been an Industrial Relations Consultant, a Human Resources Executive, a Client Director, and a growth focused CEO, and has a wealth of practical experience on which to draw. He has served in executive and non-executive capacities on the boards of private and listed companies, with specific focus on growth and long-term value creation for stakeholders.

    Anthony holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Sociology and Industrial Psychology, an Honours in Personnel Management, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (The importance of the brand delivering on its promise).

    Anthony enjoys growing businesses, especially in developing markets in Africa and Middle East. He has consulted to many top African brands on their strategy, positioning and business growth, and has personally led the growth of two businesses to become the dominant companies in their sector in the AME region. He has a practical understanding of business strategy and the ability to evaluate a business in terms of direction, focus, structure, people, and culture. He has worked with local and international brands in Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Pakistan.

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