Tim HolmesSenior Partner

    Tim Holmes

    BEng Hons (Engineering), MBA, CMInstD

    An experienced independent chairman, executive and non-executive director, Tim Holmes worked in asset management and the IT industry for 26 years, until moving to Sirdar Group in 2013. 

     During his journey from data capture clerk in London to Managing Director of FinSwitch in Cape Town, he has experienced most of the aspects of both a high performing and a poorly performing board and the lack of understanding of what it means to be a director of a private or family business.  Tim is passionate about education and making complex technical problems understandable to business people, originally with information technology and now with governance and the art of being an effective director. He has an in-depth understanding of Sirdar methodology and what the key factors are that contribute to a high-performance board.

     Tim has been a shareholder, director and manager of various privately held and family businesses and is currently independent chairman of WeThinkCode. Tim holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Honours Engineering (Naval Architecture) at University College, London, UK

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