The main aspect of strategy that we lose sight of?


Very often in the cut and thrust of business we allow things to drift. If this drift is not identified and addressed it can lead to decisions and actions that, with hindsight, we realise were not aligned to our strategy and led us in a direction we did not want, or intend to go in.

Why does this happen?
This happens when we lose sight of the most important aspect of strategy โ€“ our promise or purpose for being.

The power of a strong promise โ€“ a short and powerful statement of why the business exists โ€“ is in its ability to align every decision and action taken in the business.

The power of alignment provides the momentum needed to move consistently in the same direction and the leverage needed when challenges are faced. Every part of the business aligned behind a powerful promise, and the promise embedded in everything the business does, becomes a powerful source of advantage for the business.

This will enable

  • Stronger decision making
  • More focused action
  • More effective delivery
  • Better understood impacts

Develop the habit of reminding yourself and everyone in the business daily about your promise and explore ways of ensuring that your promise is reflected in what you do, the people your do it with, the regular cycles in your business and in how you achieve your business goals each and every day.

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