What is your maximum area of contribution?

The Sirdar South African team is extremely excited by the launch of the ‘Contribution Compass by Sirdar’. It is our own unique approach to the determination of an individual’s natural energy – a critical part of the process in appointing highly effective boards. Used more widely in the selection and management of high performing team’s, our key use of the tool is for appointing boards.

Many of you who have worked with Sirdar over the years will understand the importance that we place on knowing the make up of a team. This next stage in the journey of understanding a team’s natural energy provides a ‘home grown’ approach to establishing an individual’s profile. We have thoroughly tested the questioning approach and are very pleased that it also reduces our client’s exposure to the USD given the current economic outlook of South Africa.

I am excited by the title of my Contribution Compass profile (being a Catalyst) and the way that the profile explains not only the way I add value to our company, but also the critical role that I play in the team. In this article for African Leadership Magazine, Carl Bates, Sirdar’s Global Chief Executive, explains the value of the Contribution Compass in the selection of high-performance boards in more detail.

All of our clients who have previously completed a natural energy test through us, will be hearing from our team over the coming weeks receive your complimentary Contribution Compass profiler. For those of you who have never previously completed a profile where you have established your natural energy, we would love to introduce you to this new tool.

Yours in extreme business success

Tim Holmes

What is your maximum area of contribution?

Unlock your natural energy and and unleash your team’s greatness

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