Why do you need a board?

You know, as a private company or as a family business, so often we ask the questions ‘why do we need a board or why do we need independent non-executive directors?’ It is our company; this is not relevant to us. The interesting thing to note is it actually is.

Independent non-executive directors can drive performance, can improve company value and can hold you and the management team accountable to lift the business’ game. But how do you go about doing that? What are the things you should be considering? What are the parts of the methodology and process that are relevant to you in a private company or a family business context? How do you make sure that your board is not about governance and compliance, but about performance and value-add?

Well, join us at the next workshop and learn how to practically implement value-adding tools that ensure the methodology, the process and ultimately the people who sit around your board room table, the board room table of a private business or family company, add value to you, to your shareholders and to your other stakeholders.

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