Your Business Model – unpacking how you deliver value


Whenever I meet with entrepreneurs I get very excited about the potential of converting ideas into value – especially in South Africa where there are numerous challenges and needs but within each challenge there is the seed of an idea that can meet the needs.

A powerful tool I have regularly used is the Business Model Canvas which enables anyone in business, or even anyone with an idea, to visualise the whole business at a high level, and better understand how they actually deliver value and also build a viable business.

Essentially the Business Model canvas illustrates the two sides of a business – the side that links the product or service to the customer (the channels you use and the relationships you build), and the side that delineates what the business needs to resource and do to deliver the product or service.

Overlay this with the Sirdar Management Compass as a tool to unpack the core elements in any business and we have a powerful set of strategic management tools.

The Sirdar Management Compass includes tools and frameworks for

  1. Identifying your market
  2. Getting your message to the market
  3. Building effective teams
  4. Leveraging value through market connections
  5. Delivering to expectations
  6. Managing risk and compliance
  7. Optimising financial results and
  8. Perfecting your system of value delivery

For assistance in better understanding your business model and for developing the tools to achieve extreme business success please contact us.


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